Scanni - Scanner + Anni Hogan: New Album Available Now

Scanni – Scanner + Anni Hogan: New Album Available now


Scanner (Robin Rimbaud)

Scanner (Robin Rimbaud)

Since 1991 Scanner, British artist Robin Rimbaud, has been intensely active in sonic art, producing concerts, installations and recordings, connecting a bewilderingly diverse array of genres. He scored the hit musical comedy Kirikou & Karaba (2007) and Narnia ballet (2015) based on the popular children’s book, Philips Wake-Up Light (2009), the re-opening of the Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam in 2012 and in 2016 will present his Water Drops installation Rijeka Airport Croatia. His work Salles des Departs is permanently installed in a morgue in Paris and he continues to tour Live_Transmission:Joy Division Reworked, an audio visual show with Heritage Orchestra around the globe.

Committed to working with cutting edge practitioners he has collaborated with Bryan Ferry, Wayne MacGregor, Mike Kelley, Michael Nyman, Steve McQueen, Laurie Anderson and Hussein Chalayan.

Anni Hogan

Anni Hogan

Renowned : hard to define and harder to quantify and yet composer, producer pianist Anni Hogan’s music has a place in many hearts. From her early days as a founding member and key writer with Marc and the Mambas and Marc Almond to her own landmark debut release ‘Kickabye’ on Cabaret Voltaire’s Doublevision label to producing and composing her own film and soundtrack ‘Mountain’ and guest appearances with Yello, Barry Adamson and Simon Fisher Turner. Hogan remains immersed in sonic explorations and collaborative adventures in music film and art, a mercurial maverick musician leaving her unique sensatory footprint across a swathe of contemporary releases.

‘My music generates from my passions and my pains, all my influences guide me, nature occupies the core’

– Anni Hogan

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Official Album Sampler for the new album by Scanni: Scanner + Anni Hogan, out on Cherry Red Records from 26th February

“Once Upon”


An exciting electro-acoustic collaboration from two of the UK’s foremost contemporary composers, ‘Scanni’ fuses the sensibilities of pianist and celebrated arranger Anni Hogan (Marc & The Mambas, Marc Almond) with the avant-garde noise production and curation of celebrated electronic musician and sampler Scanner across ten tracks that feature a wealth of guest musicians and vocalists from the alternative music scene. Martin Bowes (Attrition) co-wrote and plays drone synths on the track ‘Alone’. Wolfgang Flür, legendary ex-Kraftwerk percussionist and performance artist, provides lyrics and vocals for the track ‘Golden Light’. Jarboe the lauded singer from the Swans, appears on the two tracks ‘Carelessly’ and ‘Cinecittà’.

Further guest appearances from cult singers Jennifer John and Merseyside legend Thomas Lang.

Over their unique and rather individualistic careers, both Anni Hogan and Scanner have produced work that has joined the dots between Marc Almond and Nick Cave, Bryan Ferry and Bjork, contemporary dance and theatre, literature and visual arts. ‘Scanni’ is the result of their first collaboration and, over the last two years, the tracks therein have emerged from a committed and piecemeal exchange of digital files into an accomplished complex multi-genre work of affecting beauty.

Along this journey they both lost family in a real-life rollercoaster of tragedy and confusion; this is reflected in the ‘hall of mirrors’ that is the track ‘Glorious’, where a spirituality rises to the surface to embrace both the melancholy and the beauty of heartbreak. It’s also evident in the pensive contemplation of ‘Alone’, the very first piece they collaborated on.

In contrast, there’s the heartiest track ‘A Life Well Lived’, with its positive energy and beguiling optimism, and ‘Future’, a well-cooked funky discotonic tune, both of which offer a way forward, out of the darker moments, and into light and hope.

‘Scanni’ offers an aesthetic of faith and of possibility; it is music that has reawakened both artists to explore new directions in their own sensibilities and creativity. In many ways, the record is about the timeless qualities of love, loss and friendship, all of which imbue the singular artistic endeavours and joint working relationship that, ultimately, is ‘Scanni’.

The release of ‘Scanni’ coincides with the first ever digital release of two other back catalogue Anni Hogan collaborations; Anni Hogan & Martin Bowes Billy Chainsaw’s ‘Alphabill’ (A Love Story) and Anni Hogan & Itchy Ear’s Siberia.

N.B: This title is released 26th February 2016 and will not be dispatched before this date.


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Scanni - Scanner + Anni Hogan: New Album Available NOW

Scanni – Scanner + Anni Hogan: New Album Available Now

Track Listing:

  2. FUTURE with Jennifer John
  4. CARELESSLY with Jarboe
  5. GLORIOUS with Jennifer John
  6. CINECITTÀ (Feel Everything) with Jarboe
  7. ALONE with Thomas Lang
  8. GOLDEN LIGHT with Wolfgang Flür
  10. WITH YOU IN MY LIFE with Thomas Lang



Our Guests


Jarboe, vocals

Jarboe draws from a variety of sources: childhood in the Mississippi delta and New Orleans, life in NYC’s east village during the post no-wave scene in the band Swans, university studies in literature and theatre, global travels, and a history of extensive recordings, collaborations, and performances (clubs, theaters, art galleries, cathedrals, festivals, live radio, television, film). Jarboe’s voice and music is known for bold experimental as well as melodic diversity and expression. Over the course of her life through efforts in past and present disciplines, Jarboe explores the rebuilding / reinventing of identity and the elemental structures of personae.

Thomas Lang, vocals

Thomas Lang, vocals

Thomas Lang is an acclaimed Liverpool based singer-songwriter best known for the jazz-tinged song ‘The Happy Man‘ and his seminal debut album ‘Scallywag Jaz‘ which hit the UK charts in 1987.

Lang is revered for his sultry jazz-pop sensibilities and contemporary interpretations, up held several residencies at London’s Ronnie Scotts Jazz club and has played with Jools Holland, Nina Simone and Alison Moyet to name a few.


Wolfgang Flür, spoken word

Wolfgang Flür is best known as the electro drummer of the German electronic band Kraftwerk between 1973 and 1986.

Wolfgang sees himself as a music presenter with ‘historical electric background’ and since 2005 he has been presenting music live in clubs and festivals worldwide under the moniker Musik Soldat.  In 2015 Flür released his complete works album ‘Eloquence‘ on Cherry Red records.

Vicky Edwards, bass

Vicky Edwards, bass

Vicky Edwards is known as one of the coolest bass players in the UK. She has recorded and toured with artists including Thomas Lang, John Head (Shack), Jennifer John and Serpent Power. Vicky is a long term friend of Anni’s and has been delighted to be able to contribute to such a great recording.


Enrico Tomasso, trumpets

A top trumpeter on the jazz scene, Enrico has won British Jazz Awards 3 times, plays festivals, clubs and in-studio.

Mentored by Louis Armstrong as a child. Recently performed on Bryan Ferry’s ‘The Jazz Age‘, the soundtrack to “The Great Gatsby” remake, the soundtrack to the BFI film ‘Shooting Stars‘ and own solo CD, ‘Al Dente.’

Julia Kent, cello

Julia Kent, cello

Canadian-born, New York City-based Julia Kent spent years performing and recording with other artists and groups and has more recently recorded a series of highly praised solo albums.  Julia  has composed a number of original film scores, as well as music for theatre and dance performances.  She has toured throughout Europe and North America, including appearances at Primavera Sound in Barcelona, the Donau festival in Austria, Meltdown in London, and the Unsound festival in New York City.

Martin Bowes, drones synth on "Alone"

Martin Bowes, drones synth on “Alone”

Martin Bowes and his band ‘Attrition’ are pioneers in dark electronica, carving out a unique slice of the creative underground for over two decades. they remain one of music’s darker and fascinating lights.  Martin owns and runs Cage mastering studios in Coventry and is a member of electronic duo Engram.

Jennifer John, vocals

Jennifer John, vocals

Jennifer John exudes soul and strength. She has that rare ability to coax quiet tears from her listeners as often as she inspires standing ovations. Londoner Jennifer John is choir director with Liverpool’s Sense Of Sound who have appeared with Pink Floyd, Damon Albarn, Martha Wainwright and Chrissie Hynde, amongst many others. Jennifer sings with the cool Nordic outfit Killer Fernandez and she has also performed with artists including George Michael and Elton John.


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